Emergency Solidarity Rally for CUPE Local 2276

April 05, 2023 at
12:00 PM - 2:00 PM EST

There will be a solidarity rally on Wednesday. This will be an important event, so please try to make it out. The attached poster should also be shared widely, so please send to your contacts.

They are asking people to send a message to senior management at Community Living Port Colborne-Wainfleet. Here is the link: https://cupe.ca/BetterCommunityLiving
These are the main issues: poor management has led to a drop in staffing levels, and as a result staff continue to be “stuck on shift”.  They are looking to get appropriate compensation (double time) for those workers who are forced to stay on shift because there is no one who is able to relieve them. ‘Stuck on shift’ means that workers need to stay until they are relieved. I have met some who have had to stay at work for over 36 hours straight.
The employer made it clear that they would not use managers to relieve staff. The employer is offering staff to make arrangements from work for child care, elder care etc. However, the problem is that if you don’t have anyone to pick up your kids, you can’t do that over the phone from work.
This is also a health and safety concern not only for members, but for the individuals they support – there could be some serious consequences for working exhausted.
This is their first strike and they are facing an incredibly hostile employer. Let’s show them that when they pick a fight with CUPE members, they fight all of us.

Sorry, this event has ended.

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