Welcome Back Doug Queen’s Park Party

February 25, 2023 at
11:00 AM - 1:00 PM EST

This is a “protest party” for all of us who care about the future of Ontario to rally together.
Doug Ford’s policies have affected every sector of public services and Ontario’s way of Democracy.
This event is about sending a great big NO to Doug Ford and the “Progressive” Conservatives.
… and having some fun at the same time.
*** Bring your grievances, signs, and banners!
Bring your friends and your family.
Please share widely! ***
This is a Coalition Event:
Indigenous Rights,
Workers’ Rights,
Persons with Disabilities, ODSP & OW
Recipients, Autism,
Long Term Care,
& our very Democracy
and on and on and on!
The list is long. We need to come together in solidarity to effect change with #PeoplePower
#ItsAboutEverything that Ford is destroying.
This event will be energizing, peaceful & fun – with ceremony and prayer, and continuing with speakers, dance, song, poetry, art, and comedy that raises our spirits, build bridges, and pokes some fun at our failing leadership.
More info & updates @ www.welcomebackdoug.com

Sorry, this event has ended.

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